Fish & Chips Like You’ve Never Seen Before

One of the most interesting newcomers into the Icelandic seafood scene is the startup Bifröst Foods. The company describes itself as a new Icelandic food house that brings out creative, functional and healthy food from the natural resources of Iceland.

Bifröst is not a technology driven startup but rather a company that adds value by pure marketing insights and creativity. Its a company that very much fits into Rory Sutherland’s ideas about how to create value by being less logical.

The initial product brought to market by Bifröst Foods is testament to this approach.

Who Wants Stock Fish?

Before the advent of refrigerators, drying food was one way to preserve both meat and fish. In Iceland and Norway, drying fish has been a tradition borne out of necessity for ages. As much as Icelanders love dried fish (also known as stock fish or fish jerky), it is somewhat of an acquired taste.

The traditional way to eat dried fish is simply with butter. The fat from the butter enhances the flavor of the fish and counters the dryness of it. The Icelanders love it…but aside from the people in Lofoten, Norway, a taste for traditional stock fish has not developed outside of Iceland.

Fish & Chips 2.0

Bifröst Foods wants to introduce the rest of the world to the delicacy that stock fish is, but it is taking an entirely different approach. Instead of trying to teach the world how to eat dried fish like a viking would have done, why not introduce it through a medium that the consumer is already familiar with and has already built a habit around?

Chips are eaten all over the world (except of course in the UK where they eat them as crips). As it turns out, eating chips is extremely rewarding to the brain’s pleasure centers. It has been shown that eating chips stimulates up to 27 different areas in the brain. The most potent effect is the release of dopamine in the brain that fires your neurotransmitters.

Chips are not the healthiest type of food you can consume by any measure. Well, stock fish is healthy. Very healthy. It’s almost pure protein and no preservatives are needed to make it. It’s just pure fish. And this is how Bifröst Foods will bring stock fish to the world: through the inventive combination of Fish and Chips.

Served in Newspaper Wrapping

Fish and Chips, as you will undoubtedly know, is a an iconic dish in the UK and a common take away food. Fish and chips is a combination of fried fish in batter and Belgian style french fries. Traditionally, British Fish and Chips were served in a wrapping of old newspapers. Although this practice has now largely ceased, that is how most people think of Fish & Chips.

Bifröst Foods takes full advantage of this association in their packaging. Instead of centering around the Icelandic nostalgia of stock fish, the brand ingeniously utilizes the nostalgia around the consumption of Fish and Chips.

Have a look yourself at the packaging, its brilliant:

The packaging even won the London Design Awards in 2020 for best graphic design.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Fish & Chips products from Bifröst Foods, send us a message or ask your question in the comment section below.

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