Stockfish & Fish Jerky

Fish Jerky, also known as Stockfish, is a traditional Nordic way of curing fish. Essentially, Stockfish is unsalted white fish, most often cod or haddock, which has been dried with cool air. Traditionally, stockfish is produced by hanging the fish on wooden racks.

Healthy Slow Food

Fish Jerky usually takes about 3 months to cure. In the stable and cool weather of Iceland and Norway, the fish is protected from insects and uncontrolled bacterial growth. A temperature just above zero degrees Celsius, with little rain, is ideal.

Since the water content of the fish has been dried out, fish jerky made from cod or haddock, will consist of about 80% protein.

Product Development

There have been considerable advances made in product development of stock fish and fish jerky products in recently. Nonetheless most of the effort has been directed into improving production processes, mainly by drying fish faster and in a safer environment, resulting in a more consistent product.

Fish & Chips from Bifröst Foods uses dried fish

Lately, we have started to see a more vibrant activity in the making and marketing of consumer products that utilize and incorporate stock fish. Most notably is the recent effort of the seafood startup Bifröst Foods, with its Fish & Chips product.

Quality Fish Jerky Brands

The main brands on the Icelandic Stock Fish market are:

  • Eyjabiti
  • Stjörnufiskur
  • Gullfiskur
  • Bifröst Foods
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