4 Quality Health Supplements derived from Seafood

The Icelandic fishing industry is dedicated to responsible fisheries management. A key part of the responsible management of a natural resource like fish is to fully utilize the catch.

Many innovative solutions have been implemented over the last decades to improve cath utilization. The Icelandic fisheries industry is on the forefront when it comes to catch utilization. The cod fisheries, for example, use on average 77-80% of the catch for various fish products.

One area that has seen great improvements over the last years, is the research and development of supplements derived from seafood in Iceland. The primary seafood supplement that comes to mind when you ask people, is undoubtedly fish oil products.

There are a number of Icelandic brands that offer fish oil and Nordic fish oil products are being sold at big retailers such as Amazon and Whole Foods.

But investment in research and development has born fruit to new and innovative supplements that are being introduced to the market internationally. Here are four innovative seafood supplements, that are developed in Iceland.

Seafood Supplements from Iceland

1. Protis Amino

Protis, a company that has specialized in making protein supplements from seafood, has healthy products serving different purposes. Three major products from this company are Protis TRIM, Protis 100% and Protis joints.

Protís Fish Protein Supplements

Protis TRIM

The ingredients used in making this supplement are fish protein, natural fibres and chromium (III) picolinate. The purpose of natural fibre in this product is to prevent consistent stomach emptying. The more you empty your stomach, the more you feel hungry and eat more food.

This product is helping you control your weight as well as enhancing metabolism. One container of Protis TRIM contains 120 capsules and you are required to take at least two and utmost three capsules a day. You might prefer to take it with meals but for better absorption, it is advisable that you take it with water 30 minutes before meals.

Protis 100%

This is aimed at having healthy muscles. After a few minutes of exercise, you might feel that your muscles are really tired and weak to the extent that there is nothing you can do. To avoid this and aid fast recovery of your muscles, you are required to take three capsules before hitting the gym and 3 more capsules after the session. If you have already built your muscles but you need to maintain them at that point, between two to three capsules of Protis 100% will aid you in achieving your goals.

Protis Joints

Unhealthy positions or engaging in strenuous activities can leave your joints hurting. Protis has created this supplement to protect your joints and rebuild your cartilages. Remember that this is not a pain reliever.

Protis Joints contains hydrolysed cod protein, manganese and vitamins C and D. the latter two nutrients are known for maintaining healthy bones and cartilages. The recommended daily dosage is two to three capsules.

2. Astaxanthin by Icelandic Harvest

Artasan is a brand from the bioresearch company Algalif, that has developed supplements from Icelandic seafood. Artasan works in partnership with several of the largest OTC and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, as well as renowned healthcare product manufacturers.

Astaxanthin by Icelandic Harvest is as supplement developed by Algalif. Astaxanthin is red in pigmentation and is extracted from aquamarine animals such as salmon. It is also extracted from microalgae used in making this supplement. Other ingredients used in making astaxanthin supplement include high oleic safflower oil, high oleic sunflower oil, antioxidant and rosemary extract.

Human beings can directly acquire astaxanthin from eating seafood, but it is available in large quantity when acquired from this supplement. However, this supplement should not be a substitute for the real food providing nutrients similar to this. Daily intake should be a maximum of two capsules taken with food.

This product is manufactured under hygiene conditions and stored in air-tight containers to avoid contamination. As a precaution measure, you are advised to store this product in a cool dry place and out of children reach.

3. Feel Iceland Collagen

This supplement is made from 100 % fish skin caught from the Iceland waters. The supplement maintains good health for your bones and joints, and studies have shown that it can help relieve pain when taken orally.

The main reason why this supplement is made from seafood is because of the minimal chances of contracting diseases as compared to using animal products. Another reason is some cultural practices have beliefs attached to cattle which might be a hindrance from using the supplement.

Feel Iceland Collagen
Feel Iceland Collagen Products

Our bodies need collagen to keep connective tissues strong. These tissues are found in the skin, hair, and bones. The functions of collagen supplements are to reduce wrinkles, boost metabolism, strengthens your joints and bones and enhances the strength of your hair and nails. Collagen decreases in our bodies with age and therefore, using a supplement will help you feel energetic.

Available in powder form for Amino Marine collagen, it can be used by mixing in drinks. I think this makes it easier for those who do not like swallowing anything that assumes the form of tablets and capsules.

4. Benecta Innovative Food Supplements

Benecta is the result of over 10 years of research and development by our biotech team into the use and benefits of crustacean derived short chain chitosan. Genis, the company behind Benecta, has a number of patents in development and is performing clinical trials for pharmaceutical products.

Benecta Innovative Food Supplement

Benecta is made from shrimp exoskeleton and then contained in a gelatin capsule. Every container carries sixty capsules to be taken in thirty days. The more consistent you are, the faster you will start noticing the effects.

Research has indicated that Benecta will hold back the aches and pains which afflict all in advancing years. For someone taking the two recommended capsules a day is likely to feel a positive impact that will help them being active just the way they want.

Benecta does not have any bad effects when taken with other supplements or medication, however, it is not suitable for pregnant women and people who have shellfish allergies.

Benecta is currently available for online orders in the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland, but is rolled out in other international markets.

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