Product Development in the Fishing Industry

Although generally seen as a relatively static sector, Icelandic Fishing Industry has seen a number of innovative products being developed and put to market recently. The emergence of organizations such as the Ocean Cluster has added to the influence of already existing organizations, such as Matis.

Codland – Aiming for 100% Utilisation Rate

Codland consists of companies with a background in whitefish processing whose common goal is to maximise the value of every cod caught while simultaneously extracting every ounce of potential from the raw material.

Codland was established in 2012, based on the success of Haustak, the biggest fish-drying company in Iceland which specialises in drying many varieties of fish products. Utilization rates in Iceland are already relatively high, or around 76% of the cod they
receive, according to recent estimates. These figures are 50% for the Faroe Islands, 45% in Canada and 43% in Greenland. Norway’s utilisation rate stands at 43%.

Skaginn – Supercooler

Skaginn hf is an innovative producer of specialised cooling and freezing solutions for groundfish and salmon, as well as pelagic fish.

Valka – Xray-Guided Cutting Machine

Valka produces a Fish Fillet Cutting Machine guided by a combination of an X-ray and a 3D image processing system. This, together with robot-controlled water jets to locate and cut out pin bones and portions with exceptionally high accuracy ensures higher value products. he first machine has already been in use at HB Grandi in Iceland for a number of years.

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