Featured Nordic Seafood Brands

There are a plethora of exciting and innovative brands that are developing great value-added products from the resources in the oceans and waters around Iceland, Norway and other Nordic regions.

Here is a list of a number of brands that we follow, admire and are more than happy to recommend:

  • Dropi Lýsi: Produces of high-quality cold-pressed cod liver oil. Top of the line stuff.
  • Benecta: The company behind Benecta, Genís, has been doing cutting edge research into the myriad of health benefits of chitosan, an active substance derived from krill and shrimp shells. Benecta is a health-food supplement that has been in development or decades.
  • iCan: A producer of birch-smoked cod liver, iCan offers a seafood alternative to foie gras
  • Eyjabiti: If you like the idea of fish jerky, you will love the stockfish products of Eyjabiti.


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